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What is it?

There are lots of great resources for intermediate and advanced developers to learn Elixir and Phoenix, but relatively little for beginners. In addition, the resources that do exist tend to rush past the core web framework features in order to get to the cool advanced features that set the framework apart, like Channels and OTP.

This book aims to be your first Elixir and Phoenix book, but not your last. We'll go into the basics of the language and the framework, giving you a solid foundation so you can crank out simple web apps and be prepared to read and understand the books written on more advanced topics.

Advance Praise for The Phoenix Tutorial

Reviews based off a preview version of Elixir Crash Course section

"The explanations are crystal clear. The exercises, while simple, do a good job of covering corner cases that might otherwise not be obvious."

-- Franco Barbeite, Senior Software Engineer at LiftForward

"Very well written, straight to the point, and with a clean, clear, style."

Giuseppe Caruso, Front End Developer, UI/UX Architect

Praise for Jeffrey's previous work

"It’s amazing. It’s really wonderful. The structure of it is super great, and I’ve been really blown away by the quality of the content."

--Jonathan Jackson, 201 Created dev, Co-host of EmberWeekend

"I'm loving it. Your videos make it easy to learn ember... way better than my ember 1.0 experience."

--Karl Arao, EmberSchool Student

"If you’re interested in learning @emberjs, @JeffreyBiles’s EmberSchool is pretty amazing."

--Steve Kinney, Director of Frontend Engineering Program at Turing School

"It’s very good, and it’s the first time that I have felt comfortable spending this amount of money for training."

--Grant Neale, EmberSchool Student

"Learning #ember? I highly recommend @JeffreyBiles Ember School. It's thorough, well explained and legit af."

--Caren Garcia, Implementation Engineer at BazaarVoice, TA for University of Texas' Coding Class

"The course has been great at making Ember feel much more approachable; I think this is in part due to your focus on getting apps set up quickly and seeing 'real results' during the first course."

--Alex, EmberSchool Student

"Just tried Ember School by @JeffreyBiles and it's AWESOME! Really high quality content and experience."

--David Tang,, CareerJS panelist

"For all you JS devs out there that are interested in Ember, I highly recommend this resource. Very well thought out and clear content!"

--Aaron Larner, Trello dev, former Iron Yard instructor

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